All container types are available in various sizes for different applications.

Contact Reclite SA for assistance on containers suitable for your waste products.

Steel Containers & Liners

Steel Containers
Steel Containers
High Volume Liners
High Volume Liners

Re-inforced Cardboard Containers

Reinforced cardboard containers
Re-inforced Cardboard Bins for Batteries
(Except Li-Ion)
Reinforced cardboard high volume
Re-inforced Cardboard Lighting Lamp Containers
Battery Bins
Re-inforced High Volume Lighting Lamp Containers

High Quality Plastic Wheelie Bins

770L wheelie bins
770 or 1100 L High Volume Plastic Wheelie Bins
240 L Plastic Wheelie Bins
140 L Plastic Wheelie Bins

High Quality Plastic Barrels and Fit for Purpose Containers for Various WEEE Waste Types

25 L and 50 L Barrels for All Battery Types
25 L and 50 L Barrels for All Battery Types
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