Reclite Flow DiagramServices

  • Supply, Placement, Collection of high-quality waste containers
  • Recycling, destruction and treatment of all WEEE utilising state-of-the-art equipment which is environmentally compliant and safe
  • Waste Manifest and Recycling/Destruction Certificate Issued as per Regulations
  • Training and workshops for all customer staff and contractors
  • Tracking of WEEE from pick up to destruction
  • Data destruction and serial number tracking
  • Workshops and training provided for customers and contractors


Reclite SA supplies fit-for-purpose containers made from recyclable materials for various WEEE products and are optimally designed to maximise packing and transportation efficiencies.

VIEW: Examples of the top selling container products available. Contact Reclite SA for assistance on types and sizes of containers suitable for your waste products.


Reclite SA offers transportation solutions countrywide for collection and delivery of containers and waste.

All Reclite SA vehicles are 24/7 live satellite tracked and are registered in accordance with the transportation of Dangerous Goods regulations. Our drivers are trained according to dangerous goods driver training requirements and hold valid PDP-D licences.

Our service includes Low-Volume and High-Volume Loads.

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