Why is there a charge for certain WEEE streams also known as a Gate Fee?

In terms of value recovery or cost, WEEE is classified as Negative or Positive Waste Streams. This distinction comes from the amount of hazardous fractions present in the product as well as the value that can be recovered from the product when recycled or treated. The value recovered can be offset from the treatment/recycling cost, and in some cases can still yield a positive value where rebates can be offered. It can also be a cost neutral product where there is no charge or rebate. Examples of some waste products are listed below but not limited to these examples. Contact Reclite SA to determine a cost or rebate for your WEEE products to be treated/recycled.

Examples of Negative Waste Streams

  • All Lighting Waste
  • All Battery Waste
  • All Solar Product Waste
  • Selected Domestic Appliances

Examples of Positive Waste Streams

  • Selected It Equipment
  • Selected Cell phones
  • Selected Wires and Cables
  • Selected Domestic Appliances

The Diagrams Below Illustrate the Negative or the Positive Waste Stream Principle.


Negative Waste Streams


Positive Waste Streams