About Us

Our Mission

We are dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future, which lead to social and economic improvements and are committed to being the leading lamp and e-waste recycling company in South Africa, by providing a professional and compliant service to our clients.

Our Competency and Performance

Reclite staff has the training, qualifications, knowledge and experience to manage an environmentally sound, efficient and well managed professional recycling operation. Reclite adheres to the highest standards and as a rule complies with Environmental and Corporate Ethics and Social Responsibility. Reclite engages in hazardous awareness and training programs, with its Directors being members of the ESKOM CFL Lighting Committee, Chartered Institute of Environmental Management (CIWEM) and the Institute of Directors of Southern Africa (IoDSA). Reclite is a corporate member of the Institute of Waste Management (IWMSA), and the South African E-Waste Alliance (SAEWA).

Reclite services SMMEs and large corporations, as well as the household consumer market. Reclite accepts waste lamps from neighbouring countries, such as Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia and is an approved importer and recycler, according to BASEL Convention procedures to import lamp waste for processing and recycling.

All requirements of the WEEE standards and local legislation meet and, in some aspects, exceed compliance. The technology proves to have higher efficiencies, and the waste is recovered in total, including the mercury with no waste to landfill. Reclite is endorsed by NGOs, recycling forums, Waste Institutes and Associations, and wildlife and environmental organisations throughout South Africa and internationally.

Our Goals

  • To be the leading lamp recycler in South Africa and SADC
  • To strive to provide innovative, cost effective and environmentally sound services to our customers
  • To continue to provide environmental and social benefits by redirecting lighting lamps from landfill to be recovered and recycled
  • To actively participate in training and awareness creation of managing lighting lamp waste

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