Reclite Newsletter April 2016

Enviroserv and Reclite working together to divert all waste lighting from landfill

As of March 2016, EnviroServ Waste Management Ltd and Reclite (Pty) Ltd have joined efforts in order to divert lighting waste from landfills.  This initiative is in support of the government’s strategy to divert waste from landfill. The government’s strategy includes waste minimisation, and recovery of resources thus creating much needed jobs.

The partnership between Reclite and EnviroServ ensures that lamp waste is recycled in Reclite’s state-of-the art recycling facility based in Gauteng and that a nationwide footprint is covered to recover all lighting waste. Furthermore, this venture aims to move the two organisations’ customers up the waste hierarchy through innovative recycling solutions ahead of the legislated date that prohibits this waste stream from all landfills throughout South Africa from July 2016 (Ref: Government Gazette No. 10008).

To ensure that lighting waste is not disposed of at a landfill, EnviroServ employees direct this waste to collection containers which are emptied regularly and transferred to Reclite’s operating facilities.

Reclite commends EnviroServ for its decision to divert this entire waste stream from its landfills ahead of the Legislated time frame. We look forward to working together to protect the environment.



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